Submarine Tour

During this 45-minute long guided tour, you will get to peer through a periscope, touch a torpedo, climb in a bunk in the crew's quarters, and much more. You will learn how a submarine works and get a glimpse into how a crew of 85 lived and worked within the Blueback's hull for months at a time.

Approx. 45 mins. | Ages 3 and above.

Submarine Tech Tour

We offer our 3-hour long Guided Tech Tour on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. This special three-hour tour guided by an actual submarine veteran is for those that would like to learn more about the technical workings of the Blueback. The maximum tour size is 8 people, so plan ahead and reserve your spot. Tech Tours are for ages 12 and above. We also recommended that a regular tour be taken prior to a Tech Tour.