Agate to Opal: Gems of the Northwest

OMSI has been a hands-on science museum from the beginning, but it may surprise some people that we also feature collections! In fact OMSI houses over 30,000 pieces including natural history, ethnographic and historical objects. We also partner with other museums and institutions to bring their collections to the public.

OMSI’s Collections: Or, What’s with the Stuff in the Glass Cases?

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the comment, “OMSI has a collection?” in the twelve years that I have been at OMSI. In fact, OMSI’s collection is not small, consisting of 30,000 natural history, ethnographic, and historical objects grouped by donor into smaller collections.

Sizzlin’ Satellites!

Welcome to ISMO’s Corner, a place where staff in all areas of the museum will share everything from new science discoveries to volunteer profiles. ISMO is OMSI’s first and only mascot, and while he’s been out of the public eye for many years, we decided it was time for a comeback. Though he has a distinctly 1950s feel, he represents the spirit of community and discovery that has always made us who we are. 

For those who don’t know about our own little green spaceman, here’s an ISMO history from OMSI curator Lori Erickson …
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