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Steens Mountain Backpacking Trip

Type & Format
"Backpacking" camps will spend consecutive days hiking with all of their gear in their backpacks during the day, and tent-camping in primitive campsites at night.
Grade Level
6, 7, 8
Price Range
Level of Physical Activity

Join an exclusive group of hikers to visit the famous Alvord Desert on Steens Mountain. You'lll travel along a creek up the gently sloping, west side of Steens mountain, exploring the flora and fauna of the high desert and learning about the Basin and Range geology that extends across the west before taking an excursion to the east side to the famous Alvord Desert. We’ll also practice low-impact camping, wilderness survival skills and orienteering with GPS, map and compass. Recommended for campers 12 years and older who are in good physical condition.

Aug 8, 2016
7am Mon - 5pm Sat
$590.00 /$737.50