Science Pub Portland - Crystal Ballroom

Date: Aug. 19, 2014 Time: 7-9pm Located at: McMenamins Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, Portland
Who is this for: 21+ (or minor with adult) Cost: $5 suggested donation

Science Pub Portland - Crystal Ballroom

Creating Digital Worlds: The Tech Behind the Pixels
with Cooper Johnson (Cardboard Castle), Damon Redmond (Clackamas Community College DMC and SuperGenius), and J Bills (VFX/PDX)

Video Games, TV and Film are ultimate playgrounds for the mind. As technology continues to evolve and push the limits of what is possible, creatives like Avatar's James Cameron or Gravity's Alfonso Cuarón are repeatedly quoted that they were able to make those films “because the technology finally exists.” As the technology catches up with our imagination, new cities, alternate realities, and entire worlds are born.

These new environments and distant universes are being created just down the street here in Portland. But how does a team go about creating these alternate realities? What are the tools and creative processes used when approaching these projects, where resources and scale seem to be limited only by the budget? At what point do you temper expectations when comparing the task at hand to big budget films or AAA game titles?

Cooper Johnson will offer insight into the mind of a visual effects savvy director in this day and age, and will give us a glimpse behind the scenes of several recent projects from his studio, Cardboard Castle. Damon Redmond (along with department director Andy Mingo) will give a live demonstration of motion capture technology and talk about how it integrates into his classes at Clackamas Community College's Digital Media Communications Department and the game design workflow at SuperGenius, an Oregon City based game studio. J Bills, a local VFX artist and film professor who runs Portland's VFX user group (VFX/PDX), will moderate and provide a quick history lesson to set the stage.

Science Pub at the Crystal Ballroom is a monthly event open to anyone aged 21+ (or minor with adult). No RSVP or scientific background required. Just bring your curiosity, sense of humor, and appetite for food, drinks, and knowledge!
$5.00 suggested cover charge. Tell your friends. We hope to see you there!

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