Science Pub Hillsboro

Date: Apr. 28, 2014 Time: 7-9pm Located at: Venetian Theater and Bistro, 253 E. Main St., Hillsboro
Who is this for: All ages Cost: $5 suggested donation

Science Pub Hillsboro

Stories from the Digital Rim: How Technology is Shifting the Borders of Entertainment
With Tawny Schlieski, research scientist and media expert in Intel Lab’s User Experience Research Group

Technology and entertainment have always been entwined; from the Greek amphitheater to the printing press to the motion picture camera, the revolutionary technologies of the age have inspired storytellers and changed the way that we, the audience, experience stories. And it is still happening.

Today’s explorers are expanding the boundaries of story with digitally built worlds and immersive experiences. Tawny Schlieski will explore this new territory, where complexly imagined creations from the Avengers to Halo are hinting at the possibility of a new world of story. A place where artists and technologists collaborate, integrate, and create immersively from the earliest inception of story. A place that offers audiences unique avenues of immersion into stories and worlds they delight in.

Tawny Schlieski is a research scientist and media expert in Intel Lab’s User Experience Research Group. Her work centers on new storytelling capabilities enabled by emergent technologies, including rethinking creativity and collaboration, new forms of creation and play, immersive engagement, and multi-media story platforms. Her job is to merge social science and market insights, technology evolutions, and imagination into pragmatic visions and compelling experiences. Tawny has a master’s degree in political science from Duke University, and has studied and worked in the theater throughout her career.

Science Pub Hillsboro is a monthly event open to anyone aged 21+ (or minor with adult). No RSVP or scientific background required. Just bring your curiosity, sense of humor, and appetite for food, drinks, and knowledge!
$5.00 suggested cover charge. Tell your friends. We hope to see you there!

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