Science Pub Eugene

Date: Nov. 13, 2014 Time: 7-9pm Located at: Cozmic, 199 W 8th Ave, Eugene
Who is this for: All ages Cost: $5 suggested donation

Science Pub Eugene

Oregon Geology: One Road at a Time
with Marli Miller, PhD, senior instructor and researcher in the department of geological sciences at the University of Oregon 

Oregon hosts the shortest, yet one of the most interesting and event-filled geologic histories of any western state.  This history includes the building of Oregon’s foundation and its addition to the North American Continent, creation of numerous mountain ranges, and unimaginably huge volcanic eruptions.  We see this history in Oregon’s rock record, which underlies an equally interesting and diverse landscape, and which is exposed along Oregon’s highways.

In this talk, geologist and photographer Marli Miller will describe Oregon’s geological landscape and evolution by highlighting six of Oregon’s roads—one from each of its six different geologic provinces: the Coast Range, Klamath Mountains, Cascade Range, Lava Plateaus, Blue Mountains, and Basin and Range. Each road offers unparalleled scenery and geology.  Collectively, the roads portray much of Oregon’s diverse past and present.  

Marli Miller is a senior instructor and researcher in the Deptartment of Geological Sciences at the University of Oregon, where she’s been since 1997.  Most recently, she completed a complete rewrite of the book Roadside Geology of Oregon (Published by Mountain Press in Missoula), which provided much of the inspiration for this talk. Her primary interests lie in in the fields of regional and structural geology.  She earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in geology at the University of Washington in 1987 and 1992 respectively and a B.A. in geology ¬¬at Colorado College in 1982.  As a photographer, she concentrates on geological images, and contributes regularly to textbooks, museum exhibits, journals, and teaching collections of other instructors.  Her website ( offers free downloads of more than 2000 images for non-commercial use.

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