Science Pub Corvallis

Date: Feb. 10, 2014 Time: 6-8pm Located at: Old World Deli, 341 2nd St., Corvallis
Who is this for: All ages Cost: Free

Science Pub Corvallis

Cry of the Pacific Lamprey: What This Ancient Fish Is Telling Us About Our Waters
with Jeremy Monroe, Freshwaters Illustrated, and Carl Schreck, Oregon State Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Lamprey lack the charisma of Chinook salmon, steelhead or even the sturgeon. With a powerful mouth disc, lamprey latch onto other fish and suck out body fluids. Older than the dinosaurs, these ancient fish have successfully negotiated at least four planetary extinction events. However, they may not survive changes brought about by humans.

At the February 10 Corvallis Science Pub, Jeremy Monroe and Carl Schreck will take us on a trip underwater to see lamprey in their native habitat. We’ll hear what researchers are doing to understand the lamprey lifestyle and what we can do to sustain lamprey and preserve their function in freshwater ecosystems. Marine mammals and birds prey on lamprey, and humans have harvested lamprey for millennia.

Monroe is a videographer and founder of Freshwaters Illustrated. “I see my job as helping to reconnect people to the vibrance, diversity, and profound importance of freshwater ecosystems,” he says.

Carl Schreck ’s lab focuses on environmental physiology and how environmental factors affect fish performance, such as migration, reproduction and resistance to stressors. Salmon, sturgeon and lamprey are among the species under study. Schreck is employed by the U.S. Geological Survey and leads the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at Oregon State. In 2007, he received the Meritorious Presidential Rank Award for his contributions to fisheries science.

Held on the second Monday of the month, 6 to 8 p.m. in the Old World Deli, 341 2nd St. in Corvallis, Science Pub is sponsored by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the Downtown Corvallis Association and Terra magazine at  Oregon State University.