School Partnerships Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an OMSI School Partnership?

A: An OMSI school partnership assists your school in approaching science in a more holistic manner, by providing ongoing hands-on science learning experiences throughout the year. We provide pre and post materials for the majority of our programs, and also offer a professional development mentoring option for teachers interested in learning how they can achieve more science education without overloading their schedules. OMSI’s fun and engaging programs allow students and teachers the chance to learn science beyond the text book, helping them become more comfortable with science and how it is woven into our everyday lives.

Q: How does this process or relationship begin?

A: The process includes an initial meeting between OMSI’s school partnership representative and the school principal and/or science teacher(s). In that meeting we discuss your current science programming, basic school information (number of teachers/students), and your budget. Our school partnership representative will walk you through OMSI’s offerings and then draft a partnership proposal based on your desired budget and level of programming. Once a proposal is approved by the school, final payment arrangements are made and scheduling begins.

Q: Who should be present at the initial meeting?

A: We are available for informational sessions at PTA meetings, school staff meetings or one on one meetings with principals/teachers.

Q: Is there a financial benefit to being a partner?

A: Yes, as long as you meet a minimum of $5000 for the year.

Q: Do you have to sign up for a partnership at the beginning of the year?

A: No – partnerships can be developed any time of year and can be scaled to fit the school's needs.

For more information OR to set up an initial meeting: Call: 503.797.4643 Email: