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Physics Lab: Electricity and Magnetism

Field Trip @ OMSI
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1 hr
Grade Level

This program must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

How do electricity and magnetism make our modern world possible? And how did scientists build on each other’s discoveries to make useful transformations of energy? Students look at magnets, motors and generators, including the Van de Graaff generator and the Tesla coil.

This program takes place in the Physics Lab in the Turbine Exhibit Hall. Combine this program with a field trip to the museum.

A minimum of 2 weeks' advance notice is required for all registration requests. If you have questions, please contact us at 503.797.4661 or



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Standards Addressed

Structure and Function:
4.1P.1 - Describe the properties of forms of energy and how objects vary in the extent to which they absorb, reflect, and conduct energy.
4.1E.1 - Identify properties, uses, and availability of Earth materials.

Interaction and Change:
2.2P.1 - Compare and contrast how objects and materials respond to magnetic forces.
6.2P.2 - Describe the relationships between: electricity and magnetism, static and current electricity, and series and parallel electrical circuits.
8.2P.2 - Explain how energy is transferred, transformed, and conserved.

Engineering Design:
2.4D.3 - Describe an engineering design that is used to solve a problem or address a need.
5.4D.3 - Explain that inventions may lead to other inventions and once an invention exists, people may think of novel ways of using it.
6.4D.3 - Describe examples of how engineers have created inventions that address human needs and aspirations.
7.4D.3 - Explain how new scientific knowledge can be used to develop new technologies and how new technologies can be used to generate new scientific knowledge.
8.4D.3 - Explain how creating a new technology requires considering societal goals, costs, priorities, and trade-offs.