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Chemistry Assembly: What's the Matter?

Field Trip @ OMSI
Type & Format
1 hr
Grade Level
Physical, Early Childhood
School Year

Chaperones and teachers free

This program must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

Students experience hot ice, floating fog and exploding liquid to explore the states of matter, their properties, and how they change from one form to another (and back again). Your class will have a gas!

OMSI’s stage programs bring concepts to life with thought-provoking demonstrations and audience participation. While the minimum number is 60 students, smaller groups are welcome to register for programs reserved by another group or pay the $180 minimum.

A minimum of 2 weeks' advance notice is required for all registration requests. If you have questions, please contact us at 503.797.4661 or



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Standards Addressed

Structure and Function:
1.1P.1 - Compare and contrast physical properties and composition of objects.
3.1P.1 - Compare and contrast the properties of states of matter.

Interaction and Change:
4.2P.1 - Describe physical changes in matter and explain how they occur.

Scientific Inquiry:
K.3S.1 - Explore questions about living and non-living things and events in the natural world.
K.3S.2 - Make observations about the natural world.
2.3S.2 - Make predictions about living and non-living things and events in the environment based on observed patterns.
3.3S.2 - Use the data collected from a scientific investigation to explain the results and draw conclusions.
4.3S.2 - Summarize the results from a scientific investigation and use the results to respond to the question being tested.