Science Labs

Active participation in scientific inquiry deepens understanding of a concept, relationship or process. Our labs offer something for all ages and interests!

Science Labs at OMSI

Life Science Lab

The Life Lab, located in OMSI's Life Science Hall is a place of continual change, where exhibits, experiments and the public meet in a more intimate way than in the Halls. The Lab includes a large collection of live animals and a young children's table with lots of fun activities and experiments to allow our younger visitors to explore the life sciences.

Located in The Life Hall

Design Lab

The Design Lab features engaging, in-depth units on different aspects of technology, including Security, Biomedical, Robots and Computers, Communications, and Household Technology. The units rotate frequently, so that every time you visit OMSI you'll find something new to do in the lab!  

Launch Design Lab Microsite Located in The Turbine Hall

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab offers a wide variety of hands-on experiments and activities, and gives visitors the opportunity to safely mix, measure, and pour chemicals. The Chem Lab website is also the home of Experiencing Chemistry, a unique online resource for chemistry curriculum and engaging experiments.

Chem Lab UnitsThe Chemistry Lab has 8 rotating units. Read about the units and their experiments so you can plan your visit.  

Biochemistry     Chemical Reactions      Chemistry of Toys
Crime Scene Chemistry     Environmental Chemistry      Everyday Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry     The Nature of Matter

Located in The Turbine Hall

Physics Lab

Discover the hair-raising effects of static electricity with the Van de Graff Generator and view some of the first phonographs ever made at the Physics Lab.

Located in The Turbine Hall

Paleontology Lab

The Earth Science Hall also houses the Paleo Lab, where staff and volunteers excavate real dinosaur and ancient Oregon fossils from plaster casts in a setting open to the public.

Located in The Earth Hall

Watershed Lab

The Watershed Lab allows visitors to create their own rivers; watch salmon develop from eggs to smolts; explore the microscopic world that supports us all, and see how we all fit into the region we call the Northwest.

Located in The Earth Hall

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