Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what age will my child need a general admission ticket? At what age are they considered an adult?

A: As members, children and young adults ages 3-20 qualify for free general admission. If a child is under the age of 3, no general admission ticket is required.

Q: What does the phrase "number of children" mean on my card? 

A: Your membership card reflects the number of children, ages 3-20, who are in your immediate family. These could be children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews you would typically bring with you. At OMSI you are allowed the maximum as determined by your level. For example, if you purchased a Family level membership but only have 2 children listed on your card, you could still bring up to 4 children to OMSI.

Q: What is included with my membership? Are featured exhibits included?

A: All memberships are valid for one year and include entrance to OMSI's permanent exhibits and labs free of charge. Discounts include member pricing for featured exhibits, $1 off Theater and Planetarium shows, and 10% off in the Science Store and restaurants.

Q: Where can I check into the museum as a member?

A: Members have the option to check in at the Member Check-In in the main lobby, at the front desk, or at the Membership Services Window in the Planetarium hallway. However, any new membership purchases or renewals must be done at the Membership Services Window. If simply checking in, choose whichever line looks the quickest!

Q: How long does it take to receive my member cards in the mail?

A: Generally it will take 10-15 business days to receive your membership cards. If you do not receive your cards within 4-6 weeks please call us at 503.797.4634.

Q: My temporary membership card expired and I haven't received my permanent cards yet. Can I still visit OMSI as a member?

A: Of course! Simply check in with your photo ID. Remember, if it's been more than four weeks and you still haven't received your cards please let us know!

Q: Can I buy a membership that includes the Oregon Zoo or other Portland area attractions?

A: There is no all-inclusive membership since most institutions have their own affiliations and networks. OMSI belongs to the Association of Science and Technology Centers and gives benefits to other ASTC museum members.

Q: Can I use my membership at the Evergreen Air & Space Museum?

A: While both museums are members of the ASTC Passport Program, program restrictions (90 mile rule) are such that OMSI and the Evergreen Air & Space Museum do not have a reciprocal agreement. You may use your OMSI membership at several other area museums. A few of them include the A.C. Gilbert House and Discovery Village, ScienceWorks, Science Factory and the University of Oregon's Natural History Museum. See the full list here.

Q: If my second adult can't come with me one day, can I bring someone else instead?

A: The two named adults on a membership are not transferable which is why we require both adults to show photo ID at check-in. If you want the flexibility to bring a guest adult you should consider one of the following membership levels: Family Plus, Friend or Patron.

Q: Do the children on my membership need to live in the same household? Should I name them on the card?

A: Children do not need to live in the same household; you may bring in nieces, nephews, neighbors and friends to fill your daily membership benefits. Only adults can be named on a membership.

Q: Which planetarium shows are included with my membership? Do laser shows count?

A: For the Friend and Patron levels, all matinee shows are included. Matinee shows are any that play before 6pm. Evening laser programs are not included.

Q: If my membership includes guests, can they bring my children without me?

A: Yes. You can send a family member, friend or nanny to be a guest of your children. The guest will need to verify your name and address, and tell us who they are in relation to the children when they check in.

Q: I would like to buy a membership for a child that allows multiple adults to bring them on different occasions. Does something like that exist?

A: Unfortunately we cannot allow minors to have their own membership. If you know that there will be at least two adults that will be attending the museum with the child often, the best level would be something like a Family Plus which allows you to name two adults and then have a rotating guest privilege. If you would like to discuss other options please call our office.

Q: What is the USS Blueback, and how can I go on a tour?

A: The USS Blueback is a decommissioned, United States Naval Submarine that is docked outside of OMSI on the Willamette River; read more about the Blueback's history. To go on a tour, children must be at least 3 years old and 3ft tall; everyone must be able to withstand small confined spaces, climb up and down ladders and through small doorways. We recommend that children under the age of 12 are accompanied by an adult. You can purchase tickets at the member check-in for a specific time slot. Keep in mind that on busy days sub tours fill up quickly.

Q: I think I may have thrown away or lost our Theater/Submarine vouchers. Can they be replaced?

A: Theater/Submarine vouchers are treated like cash and cannot be reissued.

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