Participating Makers

Portland Mini Maker Faire showcases the amazing works of all kinds and ages of makers—anyone who is embracing the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience. The event wouldn't be possible without the large variety and fantastic projects being shared. Participating Makers include:

^H - PDX Hackerspace   |   Portland's Newest Maker Space

Artillery Tools   |   Lightweight prying tool system

ATI Drones   |   DIY multi-rotor kits

Autodesk Software   |   Demos for Inventor, FIRST Robotics, 360 Fusion, and more

Baffledazzle   |   Jigsaw puzzles that take solvers on an adventure

BRC Tally-Ho   |   Schwinn tandem beach cruiser w/ rockets

Camas, Washougal, and Hockinson High Schools   |   FIRST Robotics Team 2471: Mean Machine

Carr Auto Collision Repair   |   Make auto repairs on an actual vehicle

Case of Bass   |   Recycled skateboard ramp and sound system

Catlin Gabel Robotics   |   Team 1540: The Flaming Chickens

ChickTech   |   Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Chocolate Craft Kits   |   Chocolate modeling

Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences High School   |   FIRST Robotics Team 2550 Skynet

Columbia-Willamette Faceters Guild   |   Gemstone design

Crowd Supply   |   Portland-based product development and crowdfunding platform

CymaSpace   |   Sound-reactive LED light & vibro-haptic furniture

da Vinci Days   |   Kinetic Sculpture

Daddie's Board Shop   |   DIY skateboards

David Knierim   |   Tesla Coil & Electronic Static-Electricity Generator

Devils Food Cupcake   |   Cupcake mobile

Don Anderson   |   1 Million Volt Tesla Coil

Dorkbot PDX

Eitech   |   Engineering Toys

Engrained Products   |   C4 Labs - laser cutting

ESCO Corporation   |   Hard hat keychains

FIRST Robotics   |   High school robotics

Global Green Concept Designs   |   DIY tiny homes

Hippie Toilet   |   Demonstrates gravity

Intel and ADX   |   What will you make?

ITSPHUN LLC   |   Geometric Sculptures

JoeScan   |   The Monster Mesher - full body 3D scanner

Jonathan Streater   |   SoundSketch

JumpWall   |   Video projection mapping display

Kaleidograms   |   Optical art, postcard form

Keppinger Kits   |   Fun electronic kits

Lagerbot   |   Beer Counter

Light Me Up   |   Flames and LED lights

Low Voltage Labs   |   Open Source Hardware

Mad Science of Portland & Vancouver   |   DIY Stomp Rockets

Makersbox   |   Hands-on Arduino and Raspberry Pi

MapleXO   |   Recycled Skateboard Treasures

Mark Allyn   |   Lighted Clothing and Jewelry

Mercy Corps   |   Breakthrough Solutions

Michelle Verheyden   |   Cuttle Bone Casting

Microscopes for the Masses   |   Foldscope

Milwaukie Robotics   |   Great Ball Contraption

MIPO   |   Bridge-building contest

Multnomah County Library   |   A Maker's Paradise

Museum of Contemporary Craft   |   The fun of making

OlyMEGA   |   Olympia Makers, Engineers, Geeks and Artists

OMSI Exhibit Workshop   |   Exhibit design process

OMSI Maker Lab   |   Giant crowd-made art project

OpenFab PDX, LLC   |   F-F-Fiddle

Oregon Agate & Mineral Society   |   Rockhounding

Oregon Destination Imagination   |   Punkin' Chunkin'

Oregon Institute of Technology   |   3D Printing

Oregon MESA   |   Portland State Engineering

Oregon Potters Association   |   Clay in education

Oregon Story Board   |   Community of digital storytelling innovators

OSH Park   |   Purple PCB Parade

Pandion Multirotors   |   Ready-to-fly Kits

Papercraft   |   Architectural Models

PDX Code Guild   |   Coding for beginners

PDX DIY Club   |   Youth maker club

PDX Young Makers   |   Squishy circuits and lights

PDXYAR   |   Pirate Life & Cannons

PIG Squad   |   Portland Indie Games

Plasticfab-3D   |   12 cubed printer

PNCA's make+think+code lab   |   3D Magic Making

Portland 3D Printing Lab   |   Life cycle of 3D printing

Portland Center Stage   |   The Props Team

Portland Community College   |   Maker projects

Portland State University   |   Welding research & development for bridges and large structures

ProtoPlant   |   Proto-pasta extruded 3D printer filament

Public Lab   |   DIY kits for environmental monitoring

Pulp & Deckle   |   Handmade papermaking studio

Quickdraw   |   Not your typical drawbot

R2D2 Builders Group   |   R2D2 Replicas

Re:Start Something Good   |   Giant Friendship Bracelet

Really Big Video   |   Spaceship DJ Stand

Rewild Portland   |   Survival Skills

ROBLOX   |   You Make the Game

Robot Panda   |   DIY arduino-based maker projects

SCRAP   |   Funny Card Making

Scroll Wood Shop   |   Wooden Puzzles

Second Story   |   Construct-a-Comic

Simran Gleason   |   Fractal Copper Furniture

Sisinty Patra   |   Quantum Light

Skyview High School   |   FIRST Robotics Team 2811: StormBots

Society of Six   |   60 minutes to escape game

Steve Alten   |   Mantaray Watercraft

Sticks & Stones Accessories   |   Handcrafted jewelry of natural reclaimed and found materials

Surplus Gizmos   |   Fun with Electronics

Tesseract Design   |   3D scanning and printing

The Alter Egos Society   |   Mask Making

The Perlan Project, Inc.   |   Gliders

Tinker Camp   |   Magical Worlds

Trackers Earth   |   Survival Skills

Travis Walpole   |   Mini Sherman Tank and "Batpod" motorcycle

Tualatin Valley Rock & Gem Club   |   Turn rocks into one of a kind jewelry

Urban Cheesecraft   |   DIY Cheese

US Cutter   |   3D printing and t-shirt making

Village Home Edu Resource Center   |   Tiny Bow & Arrows

Vivek Mano   |   Wiglbot

Will Leather Goods   |   Leather branding

Works Electric   |   The Rover, an electric super-scooter

WSU Vancouver Creative Media & Digital Culture   |   3D Animation

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