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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just bought/renewed a membership, can I still get the Groupon discount (refund)?

A: OMSI memberships are a charitable donation to a not-for-profit and non-refundable. But if you are already a member you can still purchase the Groupon offer and apply the purchase to your upcoming membership renewal. Like all early renewals no time is “lost” and the purchase applies to the next full year. 

Q: Why was this offer not given to regular OMSI members?

A: This offer is intended to introduce some of the most basic membership packages to families and individuals who have not been members or even experienced OMSI before. (We’re always looking for ways to get out the word about the family fun and science educational opportunities at OMSI!)  If you are a current OMSI member you are more than welcome to purchase the Groupon; it may act as a renewal to your current membership when activated.

Q: I am a member, didn’t see this deal, and now it is sold out. What gives?

A: Sorry you missed it, but as a not-for-profit organization OMSI is limited to how many special offers can be made in a year and still keep OMSI accessible for all our visitors. Because of this we have limited the number of Groupons available for purchase.

Q: When will this deal be offered again? 

A: We can not guarantee this offer will be available again. As a science and technology museum, we like to experiment on what will bring people into OMSI to discover the wonder within. Though there are various ways to purchase a membership, generally the best way to keep up on deals is on our website, our Facebook page, or by contacting our office.

Q: I purchased the Groupon but want a higher level membership than those offered, can I upgrade?

A: Yes, if you purchase the Groupon you can later upgrade your membership.  When activating your membership at the OMSI membership window ask the representative to assist you in paying the difference for the desired higher level of membership. 

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