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OMSI’s exhibit sales and services are all-encompassing. Highly experienced exhibit professionals take pride in producing some of the most interactive, robust, and educationally sound, handcrafted exhibits available. Our services are available individually or bundled into a full-scale, turn-key project. We work with you at each stage to help you identify exhibit topics, test the feasibility of your ideas, and outline the steps necessary to turn your ideas into reality.

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Exhibit Services

We know the challenges faced by museums as they try to create engaging exhibits for their visitors. Before determining the course of action, our team reviews a wide variety of factors, including facility layout and restrictions, visitor needs, sponsorship opportunities, topic ideas, marketing potential, and more. The resulting plan will blend the exhibit environment with your program needs, visitor interests, and educational goals.

Research & Development

Exhibit development transforms concepts and scientific principles into engaging, energetic exhibits and programs. Our exhibit developers have more than 40 years of combined experience in conceptualizing and producing content for educational, interactive exhibits. The staff is experienced in all aspects of exhibit development, including bilingual co-development, copywriting, early childhood education, tabletop exhibit development, prototyping and analysis.


Designers ensure that exhibits are not only attractive and engaging but also educationally sound, visitor-centric, highly interactive, durable, accessible, and practical to produce and maintain. The team draws from a diversity of experience, including industrial design, architecture, graphic design, and photography. Exhibit-related designs include traveling and permanent exhibits, outdoor exhibitions, portable components, museum way-finding and signage, bus and trailer retrofits, artifact display cases, and exhibit hall environmental treatments.

The fabrication team contributes to an exhibit’s design by evaluating each component for functional feasibility, durability, and budget compliance. Through its 25,000 sq. ft. production facility, our skilled artisans create more than 15,000 sq. ft. of exhibitions every year, including more than 100 individual exhibits. In addition to finished work, the shop also regularly fabricates prototype exhibits to test with visitors prior to final production. The team includes cabinetmakers, engineers, CAD and CNC technicians, software developers, electronics specialists, and welders.

Evaluation and Visitor Studies

Our Evaluators help project teams develop and achieve their goals to have exhibits and programs that are educational, user friendly, accessible, safe, and engaging for the specified target audiences. Our evaluators work closely with project teams to study various aspects of exhibits and programs such as educational approach, content, labels, interactivity, usability, and environmental treatments. Our team places particular emphasis on research practices that are ethical, accurate, useful, and culturally responsive.  Our services are available for all phases of exhibit and program development – front-end, formative, remedial, and summative.
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Special Offers

Take a look at our special offers on exciting exhibitions, including traveling exhibit discounts, retired exhibits available for purchase, and new portable tabletop exhibits for sale.

Exhibit Sales & Traveling Exhibits

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