Animal Families/Animal Elders

Catalog #: 021-03-0006
Parent Exhibit: Amazing Feats of Aging
Description: Can you guess which animals live near or know their elders? Select from a variety of familiar animals (elephant, orca, chimpanzee, polar bear, penguin, bat, turtle, and human) and learn about inter-generational relationships in the animal kingdom. Discover which animals have grandparent/grandchild interaction and how rare this is in nature. Consider what is needed to create this bond with elders, such as longevity and a social structure. (3-adult)
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 102 inches | W 164 inches | D 34 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: No
Powered From: N/A
Air Pressure: N/A
Special Notes: Unit can stand alone w/ slight modification or be added to the Puppet Theater.

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