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Catalog #: 025-06-0010
Parent Exhibit: A View From Space
Description: A large banner features a wide-view image of North America on one side and a detailed, 1-meter resolution image of downtown Manhattan on the other. Visitors are introduced to the importance of scale and resolution as they compare these images captured by the IKONOS and SeaWiFS satellites. The SeaWiFS satellite is designed to look at ocean color variation. This information can be used to map types and quantities of marine phytoplankton. IKONOS is a privately owned satellite that produces high-resolution imagery for a variety of applications, including oil and gas exploration, agriculture and land management, environmental analysis, and even motion pictures. Key message: Satellites give us a new perspective of our planet. Student Challenge: Look at the satellite image of Manhattan—how could scientists use such a detailed image? Now look at the image of North America—how could scientists use this image? (Possible answers: locating forest fires, tracking storms, map-making.)
Approximate Component Dimensions: H | W | D
Site Requirements
Power Required: No
Powered From:
Air Pressure:
Special Notes: Bilingual

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