Wall Of Fame

Catalog #: 030-08-0010
Parent Exhibit: Mindbender Mansion
Description: Now it’s time for visitors to see if they are eligible to become a member of the Mindbender Society and possibly add their portrait to the “Mindbender Society Wall of Fame.” Several framed portraits of esteemed members of the Mindbender Society decorate this area and there is room for new members too! To join, visitors must enter at least three passwords they have gathered from the four rooms of the mansion (Parlor, Library, Map Room, and Kitchen) into the final vault at the Wall of Fame. If they are successful, they are officially an expert problem-solver and invited into the Society! If they are not successful, visitors are told to keep trying and check out the areas of the mansion that provide the clues and passwords. If a visitor is invited to join the Mindbender Society, they can have their picture taken and personalize their portrait with a background, outfit, funky hat, funny hair etc. Once they’ve finished their portrait, they can print out their official Mindbender Society certificate with their personalized portrait and take it home. In addition, their portrait will go up on the Wall of Fame for all to see, in one of the four monitors available to highlight the newest members of the Mindbender Society!
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 102 inches | W 225 inches | D 54 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: Yes
Powered From: Ceiling
Air Pressure: N/A

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