Mindbender Entry

Catalog #: 030-08-0006
Parent Exhibit: Mindbender Mansion
Description: Start at the Entry and watch a large media screen which introduces the wacky Mr. E., master brainteasers, puzzler extraordinaire, and current curator of the Mindbender Society. He will explain some key features of Mindbender Mansion and how to unlock the puzzle to become a member of the Mindbender Society. There are 40 individual brainteasers and five large-scale group activities. To become a member, visitors must solve a total of eight-to-eleven select brainteasers and one large-scale group activity. Clue cards are available at the Entry to help keep track of clues and passwords from the puzzles that lead to membership in the Mindbender Society.
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 104 inches | W 100 inches | D 162 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: Yes
Powered From: Ceiling
Air Pressure: N/A

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