Liquid Calories

Catalog #: 028-07-0008
Parent Exhibit: Everybody Eats
Description: As the rate of soda consumption has increased, so have obesity rates in the US. Visitors can see a visual representation of this in the Liquid Calories exhibit through an interactive graph. As the visitor slides a line graph showing the increase in obesity, the graph will overlay an additional graph documenting the increase in soda consumption. Visitors will note the similarities in the lines on the graphs. Visitors can also see a graphic of soda cans representing the average amount of soda consumed by an American in six months. Questions on flip doors quiz visitors regarding their knowledge of soda consumption and soda’s main ingredient, high fructose corn syrup.
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 77 inches | W 66 inches | D 24 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: No
Powered From: N/A
Air Pressure:

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