Fuel Your Body

Catalog #: 028-07-0006
Parent Exhibit: Everybody Eats
Description: This exhibit uses the analogy of racecars fueling up for a race to teach visitors about the importance of eating a healthy balanced breakfast. Two visitors can choose from a variety of breakfast foods by pushing buttons at individual stations to make their choices. They are prompted to choose a breakfast similar to the one they ate that morning. When the visitors have made their choices, they press a button to start the “race.” Two racecars move along a track above in response to the choices. If the visitors chose a healthy balanced breakfast that included protein and fiber, the car will make it to the finish line with a congratulatory message. If the breakfast was not balanced, the visitors will receive an onscreen message telling them how they can improve their breakfast next time. If they did not make it to the finish line, visitors are encouraged to try again, this time making choices that he or she thinks will create a healthy breakfast.
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 77 inches | W 57 inches | D 31 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: Yes
Powered From: Floor
Air Pressure:
Special Notes: Bilingual

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