Can Older Brains Learn New Tricks?

Catalog #: 021-03-0009
Parent Exhibit: Amazing Feats of Aging
Description: Design an environment for an older “cage potato” rat that will keep its brain healthy and stimulate brain growth. You are challenged to furnish a two-story house by choosing from a variety of items such as an exercise wheel, other rats, toys, etc. After you’ve finished furnishing the house, you can score your results and see how well your environment enhanced the rat’s brain function. Discover how enriched environments involving exercise, novel challenges, and social experiences stimulate brain growth in rats by increasing both blood supply and connections between nerve cells (synapses). Apply your discoveries to activate your own brain growth! (3-adult)
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 102 inches | W 84 inches | D 30 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: No
Powered From:
Air Pressure: N/A

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