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Dinosaur Discoveries

Earth & Space Science
Type & Format
"Classroom-based" classes take place mostly in a classroom.
Grade Level
2, 3
Price Range
Before & After Care
For summer classes, before care (7:30–9:00 a.m.) and after care (4:00–6:00 p.m.) are available at both OMSI and Jesuit High School locations.
Level of Physical Activity

How much of Jurassic World is true? How do scientists know what dinosaurs looked like? Who did they eat? How fast could they run? Get ready for a wild week as you go a Cretaceous adventure into the age of giant reptiles!

Jul 5, 2016
9am-4pm Tue-Fri
$230.00 /$287.50
Jul 25, 2016
9am-4pm Mon-Fri
$290.00 /$362.50