What to Expect at Maker Faire

The second annual Portland Mini Maker Faire is gearing up for September 14 and 15! We will welcome over a hundred ingenious and inventive makers from Portland and the surrounding area to OMSI this weekend for a showcase of their unique skills. Here are just a few of the makers you can expect to see.

Harmonograph at Maker Faire 

Ex Libris Anonymous

With a love for the art and design of hardcover books, Ex Libris Anonymous was founded in 2000 to spread enthusiasm as widely as possible. Each journal is lovingly manufactured using a recycled hardcover book and includes pages and illustrations from the original peppered throughout. Every journal made is a unique work of art. A high quality, 60lb, partially recycled blank paper is used as a medium to record your thoughts or sketch your dreams. You can buy a pre-made journal for $14, or bring your own hardback book to be made into a journal for $5.

Fuzzy Lamps 

Portlander Shawn Collins has created a collection of uniquely beautiful lamps. He calls them Fuzzy Lamps. These one of a kind creations are made from wire and various types of paper such as maps and newsprint. Each lamp is handcrafted by Shawn and sure to be a conversation starter in your home. Stop by and learn how to create your very own lamp or contribute a drawing to the OMSI collaborative lamp project.

Google Map Dive

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to dive straight into your computer? Google Map Dive is just that. Come experience a virtual skydive into one of the most popular map applications in the world. Portland based developer Instrument, created the experiment using 8 different computers all running Google Chrome. A depth sensing camera that lets users use their body to navigate Pegman (the Google Maps Street View icon) through a series of gates in a free fall to famous monuments around the word.

OMSI Booth

Our very own booth features maker projects primed to inspire kids of all ages. Intrepid makers can learn how to solder by crafting a working LED badge. Those makers with an artistic spirit can build their favorite 8-bit characters pixel by pixel and take home a mini work of art. We’ll also teach you how to take those Legos you have lying around and turn them into rocket-powered race cars!

FIRST Robotics at Maker Faire 

This is only the start of what OMSI has to offer at Maker Faire. This is only the start of what you can see and explore at Portland’s Mini Maker Faire. Join us at OMSI, Saturday, September 14 and Sunday, September 15, 10:00am – 5:00pm for rockets, drones, fire, electricity, and much, much more.

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RepRap Squad members will be there in full force to check out all the neat things at this years makers faire. We are looking to see what Portlands makers faire has to offer as next yr we plan to unveil our 5 axis 3d printer.

We will have a booth set up to share and show off all things ROBLOX! If you are a Roblox player and are interested in participating/volunteering, head on over to blog.roblox.com and fill out a short questionnaire to let your interest be known. See you in September!


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