The Big Chill: Saving Energy & Money

On a mission to reduce our energy intake and environmental impact, not to mention our electric bill, we installed two new energy-efficient chillers below the Turbine Hall earlier this summer. What’s a chiller you ask? These are large machines that do most of the work controlling temperature throughout the museum. This is no small task in a building that accommodates over a thousand people a day!

My New Favorite Rock

When I lead a geology hike, there are two main concepts that I try to teach. The first is that the earth is always changing, and the second is that every rock tells a story. Last week, I discovered a rock that perfectly demonstrates both concepts at once.

Triple Threat: OMSI Rescue Event, Film & Exhibit

Join us on Saturday, June 30 for a day focused on natural disasters and the men and women who risk their lives to help others in time of need. As part of OMSI’s grand finale to its 2012 Film Fest featuring the film Rescue, and in collaboration with its featured exhibit Nature Unleashed, the museum will hold a special day showcasing the work of men and women trained and devoted to helping others in times of need. See below for the all the details!

Parents as Scientists: The Living Laboratory Project

If you’ve visited Science Playground on a recent Sunday morning, perhaps you are one of 185 visitors who have interacted with research scientists in OMSI’s Living Laboratory! A new partnership with Lewis and Clark College funded through a National Science Foundation grant is bringing cognitive development front and central in the museum.

Brain Birds Are Big Show-offs

What would it be like to devote your entire life to creating an attractive piece of art? Just ask the Bowerbird, a group of unique birds found in Australia and New Guinea. Why are they unique? Well, like you, they like to show off and impress others. Like you, they spend a lot of time collecting things. And like you, they decorate their homes and dance around when someone comes to visit.



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