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Working with PGE since 1994, Joe Barra has added an influential voice to the region’s conversation about renewable energy practices. Mr. Barra helps communities develop and manage sustainable strategies, and works to advance consumer awareness in the areas of electric vehicles, demand response, renewable energy integration, energy storage and distributed resources such as solar and wind.  Mr. Barra has been a member of OMSI’s Board of Trustees since 2008, and has worked with OMSI and other local organizations to develop public education around sustainable practices: “Through interactive learning, we can get visitors interested and excited about energy and electricity and the important role it plays in society.”

Mr. Barra embodies the long-term commitment that PGE and OMSI share to better our community. PGE has been an important partner for OMSI throughout our history. In 1989, PGE donated the southeast Portland waterfront property that would become OMSI’s central campus, and assisted OMSI in incorporating several of the existing historic structures into our iconic building’s design. A long-term collaborative partner on sustainability projects, PGE has also helped OMSI implement sustainable facilities practices. Most recently, the company signed on as a significant supporter of our major new permanent Renewable Energy Exhibit & Outreach Programming, scheduled for installation at the end of 2012.
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