PIG Squad's Pixel Art

Have you heard about OMSI’s Mini Maker Faire? Wired’s Geek Dad Jonathan Liu advised parents last year, “It’s definitely worth your while to take the kids — you’re sure to find some excellent activities, and I guarantee you’ll find at least one thing that will amaze you.”

In 2012, the Portland Indie Game Squad provided some of those tasty treats. When kids let them, even adults tinkered with a bevy of locally made game projects.

Pixel Art on Yono 

They could make an “exquisite corpse” of pixel art on Yono (above), create space ships using the touchscreen iOS app MakeSpaceShip OR make their own trading card game (below). The way kids throw themselves into making new things is always inspiring, and we’re happy to say some of the kids last year gifted us their cards. 

The faire was also Pixel Arts Game Education’s first outing where we announced our new non-profit. We met great kids and adults and some even became volunteers for our Youth Game Camp this past July. We took great inspiration from the faire, and it’s still driving our work and imagination. We had the chance to hang out with Dorkbot and played with 3D printers; we saw trebuchets, etched circuits and made new friendships. Of course, lots of community members came by to share in the fun, and we got to see kids come back again to play more.

Game Education PDX's Studio 

All in all, the Mini Maker Faire is great for parents and kids, and it is just as great for our communities to meet each other and create inspired works. With OMSI’s support and generosity Portland’s vibrant indie game community has an amazing venue to meet and reach many more people. We’re excited to do it again this year with an even greater selection of neat game projects. We hope to meet you there, so stop by the PEPCO building for our installation at the 2013 Portland Mini Maker Faire at OMSI!

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