Meet the R2 Builders

The Pacific Northwest R2D2 Builders Group is pleased to announce that we will be attending this year’s Mini Maker Faire at OMSI.

 Pac NW R2 Builders Club logo

The R2D2 Builders Club was founded in 1999 as an Internet based fan club of building and tinkering enthusiasts who wanted to build their own life sized droids. To date, there are thousands of members in the club. We estimate that there are just over one hundred "finished and functioning" R2s. We’ll be showing off three of these at Maker Faire!

The Builders Club takes pride in that each droid is actually fan built. These are not kits and not available in stores. The only way to have one is to actually "Make" it.

The local builders group does many events each year including sci-fi conventions and children's hospital visits. Occasionally we get asked to do official Lucasfilms events as well! In fact, one of the droids that will be in attendance at Maker Faire was used on the TV game show, Deal or no Deal. But Maker Faire just might just be our favorite gig. It's great to spend the weekend with fellow makers, inventors and science fiction enthusiasts.

R2 Builders Group at a convention 

Come stop by our table and see the droids! We will have plenty to share about how each one was built. There will also be a presentation on the main stage Saturday at 3:00pm. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to start your own building journey.

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