Friends of Family Farmers

We at Friends of Family Farmers are excited to be working with OMSI to celebrate Mother’s Day. We will be bringing flowers for the mothers and baby animals for the kids!

We are a grassroots organization promoting sensible policies, programs and regulations to protect and expand the ability of Oregon's family farmers to run a successful land-based enterprise. Through education, advocacy, and community organizing, Friends of Family Farmers supports socially and environmentally responsible family-scale agriculture and citizens working to shape healthy communities.

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It is our belief that every person, urban and agrarian, farmer and eater, has the ability to make choices that can help regenerate our food system.

What is a family farm? The traditional definition is “a farm where the family unit makes the majority of decisions, provides the majority of the labor, and assumes all of the risk.” In recent years we’ve expanded the definition to include other values:

  • Farming at a scale that is appropriate to the land and family unit.
  • Producing or working towards obtaining a majority of one's livelihood from the land.
  • Making all of the management and operational decisions as a family, and being involved in the daily running of the business.
  • Providing a majority of the labor, and fair wages and working conditions for other laborers.
  • Contributing to the local and regional economy. Food isn't traveling long distances.
  • Performing humane and ecologically sound agricultural practices, including providing animals with a high quality of life.
  • Representing diversity and resilience through a variety of plant and animal genetics. 

If you’re curious about farming or how and where you can support Family Farmers in Oregon, come speak to one of our representatives at the event. Our goal is to make family farming accessible to all people who share our vision. We’ll see you there!

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