Celebrate Our Ocean!

Why should you care about the ocean? While oceans cover over 70% of Earth’s surface area, we have explored less than 10% this vast region to date. The ocean helps regulate the planet’s temperature and weather systems while providing valuable natural resources and nourishment to us. (Research provided by NOAA)

The Ocean Project and World Ocean Network sponsor World Oceans Day. We’ll be celebrating a little early at OMSI on Sunday, June 2 so that the event can be enjoyed in conjunction with our $2 Sunday program.

World Oceans Day banner by Chris Hsu 

Research from The Ocean Project found that over 850 million people pass through a museum each year and nearly 50% of public education outside of school comes from museums and science centers. So we have an important role to play in promoting awareness of our oceans and how to protect them.

We’ve all heard of the dubious “Giant Garbage Patch” or “Island the size of Texas” floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The truth is the Pacific Ocean is huge, and for most people exploring the middle of it is about as easy as taking a trip to Mars. For oceanographer Emelia Deforce, a trip to the middle of the Pacific was just another part of her job. Last October she lead a team of 38 scientists, sailors, and volunteers into the middle of the Pacific Ocean to study the plastic that ends up in our ocean.

Sea Education Association 2012 Pacific Trip 

Deforce will be giving presentations on OMSI’s Science on a Sphere (SOS) about her research in the Pacific throughout the day. We are lucky to have her!

World Oceans Day is also a day to celebrate the delicious bounty of the ocean. At OMSI’s new eatery Theory you can try our sustainable seafood special and learn more about the seafood industry in Oregon. True to OMSI style, there will even be seafood demos outside of Theory. Rest assured in knowing which fish are healthy and plentiful, and that we are dedicated to supporting them.

If you need a break from talking about the ocean, we’ll also be showing two free documentaries, Into the Gyre and Ocean Frontiers, in Classroom 1 along with some ocean-themed movies in the OMNIMAX Theater

World Oceans Day is challenging participants to make a promise for the ocean. Decide one thing you can change in your life to make a positive impact on the ocean, and then share that statement online. Visit their site to learn how you can participate.

Robert C. Seamens Sea Education Association 

I hope that visitors gain new respect and love for our oceans as a result of attending this event. Thank you to all of our wonderful partners for being a part of World Oceans Day at OMSI.

See full details of this event here

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What we need is an learning culture. Learning about the world around and understanding the balance of nature and the gifts of nature. This makes us appreciated everything around us and helps us adding value to the world. This is a nice initiative guys !!!


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