Sizzlin’ Satellites!

Welcome to ISMO’s Corner, a place where staff in all areas of the museum will share everything from new science discoveries to volunteer profiles. ISMO is OMSI’s first and only mascot, and while he’s been out of the public eye for many years, we decided it was time for a comeback. Though he has a distinctly 1950s feel, he represents the spirit of community and discovery that has always made us who we are. 

For those who don’t know about our own little green spaceman, here’s an ISMO history from OMSI curator Lori Erickson …

Welcome to the new!

Welcome to our newly redesigned website! This project is one of the first steps in making our digital platforms fun, interactive and exciting.

Ask a Scientist - February 2012

Have a science related question? Ask away! We'll track down an answer from one of our OMSI scientists and each month post the answers. 

Q: What is the scientific reason behind what happens when you put a cup of water in window sill and the water disappears? - Janet

A: Water evaporates over time - the water molecules change from a liquid into a gas. The water becomes part of the air you breathe. And it might condense onto the window on a cold day, turning back from a gas into a liquid!

Meet the R2 Builders

The Pacific Northwest R2D2 Builders Group is pleased to announce that we will be attending this year’s Mini Maker Faire at OMSI.

 Pac NW R2 Builders Club logo

The Super "Tiny" Moon

The so-called Supermoon tends to be over-exaggerated, so to be fair we’d like to call your attention to its exact opposite.



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