The Big Chill: Saving Energy & Money

On a mission to reduce our energy intake and environmental impact, not to mention our electric bill, we installed two new energy-efficient chillers below the Turbine Hall earlier this summer. What’s a chiller you ask? These are large machines that do most of the work controlling temperature throughout the museum. This is no small task in a building that accommodates over a thousand people a day!

A Counting Catharsis

It was anyone’s game by the time B Watch was stood-down that night. Noah Citron (the low-baller at 1,987 pieces) was close but not quite out. I was secretly rooting for Mike Gil (2,300 pieces). Mike was the only A Watcher in the pool, and the idea of him walking away with the entire bin of B Watch’s midnight snacks plus one vegan cupcake was more than a little entertaining. Being the only vegan in the pool, I wouldn’t be able to savor the victory snacks myself. I was, however, curious about the ship’s going-rate between baked goods and shower-day trades.

Celebrate Sustainably

Come with friends and family. Leave with tools and ideas.

How we can be Clever Together

Clever Together opened this weekend in OMSI’s Earth Science Hall! When I first saw it, I thought “I need to bring every visiting friend to come see this!” The exhibit highlights so many sustainable practices and opportunities that are supported here in Portland. I realized when walking through the exhibit that these are all things that make me proud to live in this city.

Renewable Energy Education at OMSI

The Pacific Northwest leads the nation in sustainable decision-making, the development of renewable technologies, and research into next-generation green materials. In order to reflect our region’s ongoing leadership in this important sector, OMSI has embarked on a long-term Energy & the Environment Initiative.



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