OMSI After Dark

Date: July 29, 2015
Regular Admission $13; OMSI Members $6.50; OMSI After Dark Members FreeBuy
Located at: OMSI Time: 7-11pm   Access: 21+ Only, ID Required

Science in the Fast Lane

On your mark, get set, GO to OMSI as we pick up the pace for a high-energy look at what makes things move FAST. 

Shoot off water rockets, concoct chemical creations, and explore the wonders of OMSI with no kids in sight! Watch aerialists fly overhead and enjoy a pint of beer while learning about the science behind cars, explosions, and cider — there's a new theme every month. All that and more with OMSI After Dark, a night at the museum for the 21+ crowd filled with food, drink, music, and science fun!

21+ only, IDs required. OMSI After Dark is held the last Wednesday of every month.

Want to get a head start on the science fun? Drink up at happy hour starting at 5pm in OMSI's eatery, Theory! The event takes place before OMSI After Dark each month and features a special menu including stone hearth pizza and local beer and wine. 

Tips for a Great Experience:

  • We recommend purchasing your ticket(s) online in advance
  • Carpooling is encouraged; parking is free for the event
  • Bring cash for bars (credit cards accepted in Theory)
  • Event begins at 7pm, but unless noted, all activities occur throughout the night

Contact: OMSI’s Events Team Call: 503.797.4642 Ticketing: 503.797.4000 Email:

Demonstrations & Activities

Fastest Ice Cream in the West

7:30 & 9:30pm in the Auditorium
Just how fast can we make ice cream? We'll find out when we add liquid nitrogen to our mix.

Elephant's Toothpaste

8:30 & 10:30pm in the Auditorium
Elephants need a lot of toothpaste, and fast! We speed up a persistent reaction with a dramatic result.

Ping Pong Ball Cannon

8 & 9pm in the Physics Lab
How fast does a ping pong ball need to be moving to break a piece of plywood? Let’s find out.

Microwave Measurements

The speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second, but don’t take our word for it. Use a microwave to measure it yourself.

Dodge a Bullet

Well not really, but test your reaction time, and see how you’d fare.

The Tortoise and the Hare

The Animal Kingdom is full of impressive feats of speed. Come test your knowledge of these amazingly agile animals.

Magnetic Mayhem

F’ing Magnets…How do they work?

Themed Vendors

On the Fast Track with Sasha Spencer-Atwood, Tracktown USA
8pm lecture in the Planetarium

Sailboat Racing with Anna Campagna, Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association
9pm lecture in the Planetarium

The Science of Auto Racing with Gary Bockman, Race Car Driver & Driving Instructor, Cascade Sports Car Club
10pm lecture in the Planetarium
How important is a car’s contact patch to the road racing surface? How does an apex into a corner play a part into the optimal racing line? And how do these apply to every day street driving?

Drone Races with Rosewell Flight Test Crew
Every 15 mins on the Front Plaza

Cascade Sports Car Club
Mt. Hood Meadows
Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association
Oregon Rally Group
Roswell Flight Test Crew
Tonkin Fiat
TrackTown USA

Explore our current exhibition, Ripley's Believe It or Not!
This 6000 sq ft highly interactive traveling exhibit is an adventure through the remarkable realms of scientific discoveries and real artifacts. Through experiments, challenges, touchable specimens, computer interactive and multimedia experiences, visitors of all ages will delve into these astounding wonders by exploring through seven themed zones.

Food & Drink

Happy Hour
5-7pm in Theory
Get a jump start on the fun with happy hour in Theory, a re-imagined museum eatery that reinvents the dining experience. Enjoy food and drink specials for one hour prior to OMSI After Dark.


OMSI's eatery, Theory, will be open from 7-10:30pm. Come see where food meets science and check out the delicious menu featuring pizza, salad, fries and more!

Beer and wine will be available at three bars throughout the museum and in Theory.

Featured Vendors

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OMSI offers event space that can accommodate 12-2,500 people with sustainable food services provided by Bon Appétit. Our interactive exhibits and riverfront views makes OMSI your unique event destination.