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Life Science Hall invites visitors to explore the nature of human growth and development, the structure and function of the human body, and the impact of advancing technology on health care and choices.

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Amazing Feats of Aging

Step right up and see the Amazing Feats of Aging! Explore the mysteries of why and how animals, including humans, age. Look into the future as you watch your face age up to 25 years. See how scientists can double the life span of certain ... animal species and consider what that means to us. All this and more awaits you

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Beginning the Journey

OMSI has one of the largest displays of human fetuses open to the public. Examine the different stages of human fetal development during all nine months of pregnancy.

Zoo in You

Trillions of microbes live inside our bodies, and we wouldn’t be able to survive without each other! Zoo in You explores the trillions of microbes living inside our body, how diverse they are, and their importance to our personal health.

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