From Sci-fi to Science

Traveling through space using warp drive has been a fascination since the late 60’s with the advent of Star Trek. News last month about the feasibility of warp drive captivated trekkies and physicists alike. I have always admired Gene Roddenberry who created the Star Trek TV series in 1966. Not only did he produce and advise on the Star Trek shows and movies, he was also highly regarded as a futurist. Roddenberry published papers and spoke on the subject at NASA, universities, The Library of Congress, and other organizations. Versions of many of the devices used on the shows have actually become current everyday items: smartphones, tablets, tricoders, lapel communicators, GPS, devices for sensor readings, and more. Even NASA named the first space shuttle ever Enterprise after the space ship in the original series. These ideas sparked imaginations, which then turned into reality as our technology and knowledge evolved over time.


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