Little Builders - Available Beginning Spring 2015

Young children become movers and shakers in Little Builders! Children ages two through seven create, play, and learn as they explore the concepts of construction, motion, and simple machines. Hand operate a pulley or conveyer belt to explore cause and effect. Turn the wheels of a gantry crane to transport cargo and discover mechanical physics at work. Operate a child-sized crane to hook, lift, and move objects and materials. Build structures with blocks, pipes, Duplo® blocks, and gears, while learning about size, weight, shape, balance, gravity, and stability. Insert balls into air chutes and see them shoot through clear pipes to experiment with aerodynamics.

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Exhibit Information Overview

Throughout Little Builders, the open-ended nature of the materials and activities allows creativity to flourish. Children are encouraged to use the exhibit in their own unique ways and, thus, learning becomes personalized. Little Builders is also a learning laboratory for parents, teachers, and other care providers to observe, understand, and interact with their little builders.
Features 1,000 Square Feet

  • Requires a minimum of 1,000 sq. ft.
  • 21 exhibits: hands-on interactives, graphic panels, and text
  • Instruction Manual and technical support
  • Activity Guide for Parents and Teachers
  • Marketing Kit

Cost & Terms of Rental $9,500 / 3-Month Rental Fee

  • Rental fee is $9,500 for a 3 month booking; double bookings are available at a discount
  • Shipped in one 48-53 ft. truck (partial load)
  • Deposit required upon booking
  • 2-3 days estimated for installation and takedown


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