OMSI offers a team of highly qualified and reputable museum professionals with skills to meet your needs.

OMSI’s project teaming philosophy and process is structured to deliver the full value of the entirety of OMSI’s exhibit staff. A core team of experienced experts are assigned each project and work together to develop and produce successful exhibits. With manager oversight, teams meet with other division staff to explore creative ideas, problem-solve, and provide insight and inspiration on every project.

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Senior Administration Team

OMSI’s Senior Administration team has over 50 years of combined experience leading the development of exhibitions that are educational, interactive, innovative, entertaining, and marketable.

Meet Key Team Members:
Nancy Stueber, President
Kevin Kearns, VP of Exhibits
Mark Patel, VP of Marketing, Retail & Sales

Exhibit Sales Team

The sales team oversees sales, project management, contracts, and coordination of other department managers to ensure that projects meet client needs and project budget and scheduling goals.

Meet Key Team Members:
Janell C. Jones, Director of Exhibit Sales and Services
Mike Lewis, Senior Account Manager

Traveling Exhibits Team

The Traveling Exhibits team works through with all aspects of a touring exhibition from assisting with grant proposals through participating as a core member with the exhibit development teams, managing the development of ancillary materials, promoting and booking exhibitions, and tour management.

Meet Key Team Members:
Janell C. Jones, Director of Exhibit Sales and Services
Andrea C. Hoelle, Senior Exhibition Tour Manager
Nate Francois, Exhibition Tour Manager

Exhibit Project Management

Exhibit project managers work closely with the account manager and division managers to ensure that projects meet client expectations, budgets, and timelines.

Meet Key Team Members:
Denny Andersen, Project Manager
Katherine O’Neil, MEd, Project Manager

Research & Development Team

Development transforms concepts and scientific principles into engaging and energetic exhibits and programs. Throughout research, content development, and label writing, the team works closely with evaluators and designers to create educational, engaging exhibits.

Meet Key Team Members:
Marilyn Johnson, Ph.D, Director of R&D
Vicki Coats, Exhibit R&D Manager
Karyn Bertschi, MA, Senior Exhibit Developer
Lori Erickson, MS, Curator/Senior Exhibit Developer
Nate Lesiuk, Senior Program Developer 
Kari Jensen, MS, Senior Exhibit Developer
Kyrie Kellett, MA, Senior Exhibit Developer
Verónika NúñezSenior Exhibit Developer
Susan Barrett, Proposal Developer 
Amanda Fisher, Curriculum Developer
Tim Hecox
, Exhibit Developer 
Cecilia Nguyen
, Exhibit Developer
Katura Reynolds
, Exhibit Developer
Libbey White, MFA, Software Developer  

Exhibit Design Team

The design team work to design exhibits, environments and graphics in two and three dimensions. Our designers ensure that exhibits meet accessibility criteria, attract visitors, and invite participation.

Meet Key Team Members:
Chad Jacobsen, Design Manager
Todd Hoffman, Exhibit Designer
Kirby Jones, Exhibit Designer
Karl Souders, Exhibit Designer
Matt Suplee, Exhibit Designer
Jaclyn Adamek, Graphic Designer

Evaluation and Visitor Studies Team

Whether you are interested in a small-scale research study or a multi-year project evaluation, our evaluators can help. We help project teams achieve their exhibit and program goals by offering support through all phases of project development (front-end, formative, remedial and summative).

Meet Key Team Members

Marcie Benne, PhD, Evaluation & Visitor Studies Manager
Nelda Reyes, MA, Research & Evaluation Supervisor
Scott Pattison, MS, Research & Evaluation Strategist
Liz Rosino, MA, Research & Evaluation Strategist
Melissa Laurie, MPH, Research & Evaluation Associate
Scott Randol, PhD, Research & Evaluation Associate
Chris Cardiel, MA, Jr. Research & Evaluation Associate
Tiffany Conklin, MUS, Jr. Research & Evaluation Associate
Ivel Gontan, MA, Jr. Research & Evaluation Associate
Maria Montiel, BS, Evaluation Assistant
Maria Eugenia Perdomo, BS, Evaluation Assistant
Omar Vargas, BA, Evaluation Assistant
Todd Shagott, PhD, Evaluation Assistant
Mary Soots, MA, Evaluation Assistant
Barry Walther, BA, Evaluation Assistant

Exhibit Production Team

The production team contributes to the design by systematically evaluating each exhibit for functional feasibility, durability, and budget compliance. Exhibits are fabricated to be successful from a maintenance, museum professional, and visitor perspective.

Meet Key Team Members:
Todd Kehoe, Production Manager
Craig McFarland, Production Coordinator
Tiffany Douglass, Purchasing Coordinator
Tim Steeves, Senior Production Lead
Kim Hall, Senior Production Lead
Owen Premore, Traveling Exhibits Technical Lead
Matthew Reineck, CAD/CAM Specialist
Paul Maguire, CNC Programmer
David Redburn, Exhibit Fabricator
Scott Lehr, Exhibit Fabricator
Bob Reynolds, Electronics Specialist
Mark Keppinger, Electronics Specialist
Roger Rudert, Mechanical Engineer

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