Site Overview

Exploring the Forests of the Pacific Northwest

Forest Puzzles is an educational toolbox to use alone or with the Forest Puzzles exhibit. Check the Exhibit Schedule page for information about where to see the exhibit.

This site is intended for two audiences:

  • Students in Grades 3-8
  • Teachers and Parents

Both groups will find a wealth of information and activities about Pacific Northwest forests and forestry. Educators also will find resources for helping students understand the Forest Puzzles site and exhibit, including a glossary, educational objectives and worksheets to use in the exhibit or classroom.

The Forest Puzzles website has three major areas:

  • Forest Cycles examines forest succession, ecology and the practice of cultivating trees;

  • Forest Management examines some of the resources and values that must be measured and considered in the use of forests; and

  • Forest Products explores the technology and use of wood, paper and other products.
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