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Four Views of the Forest

Four Views of the Forest is based on Forest Field Day, an educational outreach program sponsored by Forests Today and Forever, a Eugene-area forestry education organization. Forest Field Day challenges students to collect data in a forest tract, consult with natural resource experts and develop a multi-year management plan for Grandma Petersen's forest land. Here's a brief introduction to this management challenge. For more information contact:

Forests Today and Forever
PO Box 1B
Eugene, OR 97440

Project Learning Tree (PLT) also includes a forest management activity for the classroom called the 400-Acre Wood. Visit their website for more information about PLT.

The four Petersen grandchildren have just inherited 200 acres of forest land from their grandmother. Grandma Petersen's will specifies that they cannot sell the land and they must agree on how to manage it. Each grandchild has a different perspective on managing the land. How can they work together to decide on a management plan?

Meet the Grandchildren:

  1. Alex Petersen is a smart student who is very aware of the value of things, like how much money should be paid as a weekly allowance. Alex is always looking for a good investment and is definitely interested in the money that Grandma's land might generate. Alex is primarily concerned with producing income from Grandma's land.

  2. Kelly Petersen is a science buff who spends time at the library researching rare plants and animals. Kelly can tell you all about the habitat needs of many types of animals. Kelly is concerned that Grandma's land is already showing signs of being overrun by too many people. Kelly is also concerned about the needs of the unique plant and animal habitats on Grandma's land.

  3. Chris Petersen is really excited about spending lots of time hiking and biking on Grandma's land. Chris can't wait to see what kinds of trails are available. Chris is primarily interested in the recreational activities Grandma's land can offer.

  4. Sam Petersen is an avid conservationist who uses everything carefully. Lately, Sam has been doing lots of reading on the lack of clean water in the world. In the latest issue of one magazine, Sam read that clean water and fertile soil may become the scarcest commodities of the 21st century. Sam's big concern is protecting soil and water on Grandma's land.

Take a look at the different parts Grandma's land:

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