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General Forest Information

American Forests
American Forests is a conservation organization dedicated to the planting of trees. This educational site invites families and corporations to contribute to tree-planting projects. This site also provides information about planting your own trees at home.

Forest Friends and Foes
Learn more about the different plants and animals that call the forest their home at the Forest Friends and Foes site. Included at this site is information on natural phenomena and human involvement that affect the forest and its inhabitants.

EPA Explorer's Club
Designed especially for young kids, this site includes information about many aspects of our environment and makes it fun and interesting by offering pictures, games, fun facts and contests.

Kids F.A.C.E.
This site encourages kids to find their own methods or programs to help save our environment by joining this youth environmental organization.

Oregon Department of Forestry
The Oregon Department of Forestry posts information on its meetings, programs, and current projects, including forest fires and fire weather forecasts. This is a good site for information on forest fire prevention and research.

Oregon Forest Resources Institute
OFRI was created to improve public understanding of the state's forest resources. This website has a list of educational forest tours and events open to the public throughout the state.

Project Learning Tree
Primarily for educators, the PLT website offers environmental programs for educators to teach students about the natural environment and their responsibility to take care of it. The goal is to increase awareness and tolerance of diverse viewpoints on environmental issues.

Smokey Bear's Official Home Page
A great website for young children, Smokey Bear's Official Home Page contains games and activities designed to teach children how to prevent forest fires.

Temperate Forest Foundation
This site offers scientific information for the public on social, economic, and ecological issues in relation to forests. It is an educational website and a good research tool for students.

USDA Forest Service
This website offers an extensive summary of the divisions, topics, products, news items and current projects within the USDA Forest Service.

World Forestry Center
The World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon, provides this site to inform the public about the museum, educational programs, membership opportunities and its history.

Wonderful World of Trees (Français) (English)
This website was designed as a learning tool to educate students about the life cycle, biology, uses and protection of trees.

WWW Virtual Library: Forestry
This site provides an extensive list of forestry links, books, publications and service organizations.


Links for
Forest Cycles Information

Explore the Fantastic Forest
Kids can take a walk through this virtual forest and learn some of the fun facts that will help them cross the stream at the end of the trail.

Trees of the Pacific Northwest
Great for all ages, this site explains the characteristics of conifers in the Northwest. Visitors can learn to identify trees seen in the Northwest. The site also contains a dichotomous key to help identify specific trees.

Mount St. Helens Forest Learning Center
In addition to covering the eruption of this volcano in the state of Washington, this site provides information about the recovery of the trees, plants and wildlife, and notes about the center.


Links for
Forest Management Information

National Library for the Environment
The NLE's website offers a starting point for research on national environmental issues. Included are congressional research service reports, educational programs, population and environmental links, laws and treaties, ecology and biodiversity virtual libraries and career opportunities.

ParkNet: the National Park Service
Extensive information about the National Park Service is provided on this site. Visitors can get updated on current issues, learn about plants and wildlife, or plan a vacation to US national parks.

National Wildlife Federation's Homepage
This site provides environmental and wildlife information, with games, resources and opportunities for both children and teachers. It also offers information on current NWF issues and ways to get involved.

National Audubon Society
Learn about NAS's mission to protect the environment. Included on the site is information about NAS, current projects and how the public can get involved.

The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy purchases land to preserve habitats and wildlife. This website is designed to educate the public about the environment and offer ways to get involved in efforts to save endangered species.

The Salmon Page
This site showcases student artwork and projects. It also provides information about, and links to, dozens of salmon-related topics.

Salmon: Fishing the Net
Kids can learn about salmon at this site. It offers fun games and quizzes, links to other sites with information about salmon, and Native American stories about salmon.

A Walk In The Woods
This site contains information about the Washington Forest Protection Association's mission to encourage responsible harvesting of trees for timber and other wood products on private commercial forest land.

Northwest Timber Workers Resource Council
At this site, learn how harvesting trees and preserving the environment can be accomplished by successful management of our forests.

US Fish and Wildlife Service
The US Fish and Wildlife Service provides detailed information on current conservation, protection and enhancement projects for species and habitats throughout the US.

Environmental Education at the BLM
BLM offers this educational site for teachers and students to learn about its environmental education programs. These programs provide information ranging from the life cycle of the salmon to dinosaur bones.

The Oregon (Salmon) Plan (for Kids)
This is a story written to help kids understand the meaning of The Oregon Plan to save salmon. The site was developed by state government and non-profit groups.

GORP: Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
This site provides a list of forests in the US as well as a listing of forest trips, books, maps and other links for more information. This is a great site for planning an outdoor vacation.


Links for
Forest Products Information

American Forest and Paper Association
AF&PA is the national trade association for the forest and forest products industry. This site offers information on topics such as paper production, recycling, energy and the Endangered Species Act.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers
(Forest Products Division)
This website provides an extensive list of links for information on pulp and paper research, technology, manufacturing, professional and non-profit organizations and other commercial information involving paper products.

Directory of Forest Products, Wood Science, & Marketing
This site is a resource for finding web-based information pertaining to forestry and wood products manufacturing.

Good Wood Alliance
The Good Wood Alliance focuses on the impact of wood consumption on our forests. This site promotes conservation and responsible wood use.

IRIS: the Internet's Forest Products Resource
This forest products resource site provides extensive links to forestry information and forest products.

The Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking
This site offers a virtual tour through the American Museum of Papermaking, as well as information about the museum.

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