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Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon. All rights reserved.

The Teachers’ Guide includes field trip and classroom activities, background information, and exhibit descriptions. You can download the complete guide or any of eight individual sections using the buttons below.

Active Learning Log

Active Learning Log—This activity is designed to engage children with the exhibit content.

Take-Home Activities

Take-Home Activity Guide—Full of ideas for nutrition activities and recipes for the family or classroom.

Take-Home Activities

How to make a garden in an empty container.

bComplete Teachers’ Guide (1.2 MB)

  Section 1 Section 1: Introduction and Exhibit Learning Objectives
  Section 2 Section 2: Background Information, Tips on Teaching Nutrition, Other Nutrition Resources
  Section 3 Section 3: Exhibit Descriptions
  Section 4 Section 4: Field Trip Tips and Student Active Learning Log
  Section 5 Section 5: Grades K-2 Pre-trip Activity: Food Gives Me Energy
  Section 6 Section 6: Grades K-2 Post-trip Activity: tWacky Snacks
  Section 7 Section 7: Grades 3-5 Pre-trip Activity: Pocket Tally
  Section 8 Section 8: Grades 3-5 Post-trip Activity: Goal-Setting Calendar
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