Shake Tables

Cross Bracing

Shake Tables
Can you construct a four-story building that will withstand an earthquake? How can you strengthen your building so it won’t collapse?
In this series of activities you can experiment with different building materials in constructing a building. In Cross Bracing, design a building using the columns and decks, test it on the shake table, then experiment by adding extra supports (cross bracing) to the walls of your structure. Remember, engineers use various strategies for reducing or dampening the vibration of an earthquake. How many ideas have you come up with to keep your building standing? Try a different building material. In Tall Buildings the challenge is to use the log blocks to create a structure that is 18 inches tall that will survive the simulated earthquake. Now, in Tower Builder, try building a structure that can support a simulated water tank above a line eighteen inches above the table using Duplo blocks. And yes, it has to remain standing after the earthquake.

Tall Buildings Tower Builder