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Science Whatzit!
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You can also hear longer answers to some of the best Whatzit questions! Throughout 2008 OMSI made a podcast Sound Science answering science questions from people like you.

Science Learning Network Science Whatzit is an online science learning project of the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, in collaboration with the Science Learning Network.

Welcome to Science Whatzit!

The Science Whatzit Gremlin wants your science questions! We draw on resources at OMSI and beyond to help you conduct your own inquiry into science. Send questions and queries, thoughts and ideas (but no homework assignments, please) to find out if the Gremlin has an answer for you. We regularly post the best ones on this site, so keep checking back!

If you're looking for a quick answer or an inspiration for a science project, use the drop down menu above to browse through our archive of Science Whatzit questions and answers. Just pick the science category you're interested in, and click the "go" button.

So send us those questions and remember, the Gremlin has an unerring ability to detect disguised homework assignments! (Please note that due to the large number of questions the Science Whatzit receives, the Gremlin is unfortunately not able to answer them all.)

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