Amazing Lifelong Learning

Catalog #: 021-03-0005
Parent Exhibit: Amazing Feats of Aging
Description: How many everyday items from the past 100 years can you identify in this fascinating and colorful collage? The items displayed are from different decades and arranged chronologically. Consider how far back in time you can go and how many items you can name compared to your parent or child. Did you know we have three times more vocabulary at age 45 than at age 20? Or that the brain has four times the information at age 60 than it does at age 20? You accumulate knowledge as you grow older--older people draw on more life experience and knowledge than younger people. (6-adult)
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 102 inches | W 84 inches | D 30 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: No
Powered From: N/A
Air Pressure: N/A

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