A Sticky Situation

Catalog #: 021-03-0002
Parent Exhibit: Amazing Feats of Aging
Description: Have you ever wondered what causes us to age? Feel the “before” and “after” affects of collagen cross-linking, a process at work in the body that contributes to aging. Stretch and compare collagen fibers in two models and see if you can guess which one is older. Notice how loose and stretchy the “before” model is compared to the stiffer “after” cross-linking model. You can even simulate the process of cross-linking by assembling your own model and observing what happens as links are added over time. (6-adult)
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 102 inches | W 54 inches | D 30 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: No
Powered From: N/A
Air Pressure: N/A

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