Map Room Vault

Catalog #: 030-08-0005
Parent Exhibit: Mindbender Mansion
Description: Set the dials of the Map Room Vault to the three clues that were revealed after successfully solving the three Map Room Brainteasers: Six Blocks in a Box, 10 Pegs in Each Line, and One Shape Fits All. If successful, a video plays of Mr. E., who discusses how neuroscientists can see what part of the brain is active when doing or thinking certain things. Visitors are then entertained by a short, zany animation introducing real-life inventor, Elijah McCoy, who invented the steam engine lubricator in 1872. At the end of the animation, Mr. E. reveals a password that is needed to unlock the Wall of Fame Vault that determines eligibility into the Mindbender Society.
Approximate Component Dimensions: H | W | D
Site Requirements
Power Required: Yes
Powered From: Ceiling
Air Pressure: N/A
Special Notes: Cabinetry custom designed for your specifications

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