Tracking Hurricanes

Catalog #: 025-06-0009
Parent Exhibit: A View From Space
Description: This interactive hurricane-tracking map tells visitors the story of Hurricane Charley and challenges them to predict Charley’s landfall location. Visitors use a magnetic hurricane “puck” to trace the path of the hurricane and discover how satellites are used to study these awesome storms. Charley began in August 2004 as a small weather disturbance moving east from Africa. On August 10 it strengthened to a tropical storm and then to a hurricane on August 11. It struck the United States on the afternoon of August 13, causing an estimated 15 billion dollars in damage. Charley’s dramatic, last minute curve to the Northeast was due to a strong weather pattern, known as a “mid-tropospheric trough,” that had moved in to the Gulf of Mexico from the east-central United States and pushed the hurricane towards the southwest coast of Florida. Key message: Satellites allow us to monitor and predict natural disasters, such as hurricanes. Student Challenge: Complete the activity and try to guess where Hurricane Charley hit the United States. What clues did you use to make your decision?
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 64 inches | W 30 inches | D 36 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: Yes
Powered From: Ceiling
Air Pressure:
Special Notes: Bilingual

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