The History Of Money

Catalog #: 022-04-0019
Parent Exhibit: Moneyville
Description: Check out what's playing at the local movie theater and discover fascinating facts about the global evolution of money—what is money, why did it develop, who invented it, and what makes it valuable? Explore the connections between money, technology, math, and society by following an interactive timeline. Witness how money has changed throughout history from barter economies to the ancient Lydians (the first to mint coins), through paper currency (first used by the Chinese) to digital money. You can even touch, examine, and smell some of the many forms money has taken over time as you uncover such artifacts as stones, shells, fur, chocolate, bronze artifacts, and silver coins. You’ll learn that money can be anything, as long as the people who use it agree on its value!
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 136 inches | W 360 inches | D 240 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: Yes
Powered From: Floor or Ceiling
Air Pressure:
Special Notes: Please note that this interactive is contained within the large Moneyworks Theater Structure.

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