Stock Market

Catalog #: 022-04-0017
Parent Exhibit: Moneyville
Description: Test your skills as an investor and see how well you play the market! Learn how buyers and sellers interact in the stock market through a 3-minute computer simulation set up on four networked computers to allow for multiple players. By reading the profiles of four fictional companies, you can create an investment strategy and follow the market through 12 months of trading. Begin with $10,000, choose high or low risk strategies, and proceed to buy and sell stocks. Watch for breaking news flashes about the various companies and determine if the new information affects your holdings. See how the actions of your fellow investors as well as other events, from natural disasters to company mergers, impact the rise and fall of the stock market on a real-time graph display. You decide if and when to cash out, and receive feedback on your profits, losses, and general performance of your portfolio. Learn how markets establish prices, what causes market fluctuation, and that when you buy a stock you own a piece of a company!
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 118 inches | W 204 inches | D 60 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: Yes
Powered From: Ceiling
Air Pressure:

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