Satellite Vision

Catalog #: 025-06-0006
Parent Exhibit:
Description: At these specially designed illusion boxes, visitors turn a knob to fade between true-color and false-color satellite images. The first box features sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean and clearly shows the swirling eddies and currents of the warm Gulf Stream (warm water is red and yellow, cooler water is green and blue). The other box shows atmospheric concentrations of the pollutant carbon monoxide over Central America (higher pollution areas are red and yellow, cleaner air is green). Wildfires and agricultural fires were responsible for much of the pollution seen in the image. Key messages: Satellites can detect information that is invisible to the human eye; satellite data is used to answer questions that are important to our daily lives. Student Challenge: Look at the pollution image—is there more pollution over the ocean or the land? Now look at the ocean temperature image—where in this picture would you want to go swimming?
Approximate Component Dimensions: H 62 inches | W 47 inches | D 30 inches
Site Requirements
Power Required: Yes
Powered From: Floor
Air Pressure:
Special Notes: Bilingual

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